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Short Runs

Proactive welcomes short runs!

Why? Because our biggest, fastest press allows us to set-up — on-press — for the next two jobs while the current job is still running. Make-ready happens in minutes. Turnaround on short runs is fast. Warehousing becomes unnecessary. Think about it!

With most of the world’s presses — and especially with lithographic presses — make-ready between jobs is very time consuming. This adds to the overall cost of every job and is especially challenging for small jobs.

Since short runs are very expensive on most presses, customers tend to print more stock than they need and warehouse it, hoping that the printing won’t become obsolete before they use it. But warehousing adds to their overall packaging expense, and discarding obsolete stock adds even more.

  • Fast turnaround
  • Eliminate warehousing
  • Avoid obsolete inventory
  • Save on small runs